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Critics seem to love the music in “A City Sleeps”

I’ve been combing through the few reviews that are out there for my new game “A City Sleeps”, and they all pretty unanimously state that they really enjoy the music, some even calling me out by name. Thanks gals and guys! I’ll be adding these to my press page, but I’ll list them here too!

A City Sleeps is available on Steam right now. Go, cop.

Game Informer – “The importance of sound is apparent right from the start, as beats play with every projectile you fire, meaning shot frequency and pattern changes alongside the music. Enemies bring their own sounds too, with a large wasp emitting a techno blast with its circle of shots or a thorny plant that starts up an acoustic guitar riff. The core mechanics are rock solid, and the music gimmick pulls you into the game…”

“The three primary level tracks by in-house musician M-Cue are great and constantly adapt to the action onscreen”

Shacknews – “Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the game is unbeatable, but there were times when I felt hopelessly stuck, and it’s probably one of the longest “short” games I’ve ever played. But I didn’t find myself becoming too frustrated despite having more deaths than I can count. This has to do in large part to the game’s fantastic soundtrack, which features an experimental electro hip hop score by M-Cue. Even when the game started to feel practically unbeatable, the music kept me coming back for more.”

Destructoid – “The soundtrack alternates between the synthy-electronica of living inside a computer and sombre, ambient sounds that bring to mind isolation and disconnection. It has a great, hip futuristic sensibility reminiscent of Transistor (always a good thing).”

Gamespot – “The music is great, and firing your weapon contributes to it in a satisfying way by emitting sounds to the beat…”

Joystiq – “True to Harmonix’s house style, A City Sleeps features gameplay driven by a background music track. While you can move your character freely, your shots don’t travel across the screen at a consistent rate; instead, they follow irregular rhythms, melodies, and other backing musical elements. Enemy attacks and icon powers are also tied to the background music, and you’ll often need to track multiple on-screen elements at once in order to survive the constant onslaught. A typical scene will find Poe lobbing a stream of bullets at nightmarish bug creatures while dodging bright pink lasers accompanied by a vibrato-infused musical flourish. It’s very aesthetically pleasing, and the game’s visual elements mesh well with its audio backdrop.”

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Destructoid – 9/10

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