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WE J’ouvert 2018 Band Launch


WE J’ouvert is’s first-ever J’ouvert band, and this is WE LIME, in 2018 WE J’ouvert is bringing the powder, the paint, the water, and the all-inclusive experience you expect from J’ouvert. And WE bringing the IRON… and WE bringing the VIBES. But first… WE brought a launch! WE J’ouvert held their 2018 Band Launch at the TZAR nightclub, with DJs CSI, Juan Lennon, DJ Adam #2MV, and Distruction Sounds who ALL left their mark on the stage. Free drinks ran until midnight, and the vibes ran… ALL night. Mr. “Carnival Rap-Up” Chromatics hosted the event, with headliner Kes touching the stage after the BOOM BOOM ROOM brought, and we mean BROUGHT, the RIDDIM. When Kes touched the stage, VIP, smoking, bathroom… didn’t really matter, the entire club hit the dance floor. Throughout the night the WE J’ouvert girls didn’t stop, they showcased all the female top options for WE J’ouvert with a surprise: A limited quantity bikini top offered to Early Bird masqueraders. in collaboration with D’JUNCTION App offered free WIFI and a chance to win one of 5 COMPs given out by Chromatics & the WE J’ouvert girls. Of course D’JUNCTION will be tracking WE J’ouvert on the road for Carnival 2018. J’ouvert tickets are on sale NOW via or via any WE J’ouvert Committee member. Visit for more info.

Date: 9th December 2017
Venue: TZAR NIghtclub
Photographer: Tevin Newton and Guru Kast

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