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Pandavas Ramleela – Day 5, Tuesday


Time is going and the Ramleela is getting more exciting! Booths open at 4pm and stage presentations at 7pm! see you there! Day 5 Ram discusses the upcoming coronation with Devi Sita. King Dasharath goes to Queen Keikeyi to inform her of the upcoming festivities. She demands a change in plans forcing the King to agree. Rama speaks to Keikeyi about her decision. He then Raam discusses with Sita and Lakshman his intention to follow his father’s wishes. Rama, Sita and Lakshman leave Ayodhya. He meets with Sage Valmiki who advises Rama to make his way to Chirtakoot. #pandavasramnagar

Date: October 11th 2016
Venue: Palmiste Park
Photographer: Sati Maharaj

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