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Pandavas Ramleela – Day 1


Opening night of the Pandavas Ramleela took place last night at Palmiste Park, San Fernando. There were a variety of booths selling yummy vegetarian foods, beautiful clothing, puja items, toys and much more. will be there for the next nine nights during which all the booths will be showcased. Every night there will be performances on stage by local artists before the actual play begins at 7pm and booths will be opened from 4pm daily. Day 1- Rama’s sons, Luv and Kush meet him for the first time. In the palace of Ayodha they sing the song of his Leela as taught to them by Sage Valmiki. After dividing the kingdom equally to both sons, Rama prepares to leave Earth and return to Heaven. Hunaman is then instructed to remain on Earth and protect the righteous and devout. Rama ascends to Heaven. Hanuman invites the audience to attend the following days to witness as he recounts the glorious memories of the time when Rama walked the earth. End of night one.

Date: October 7th 2016
Venue: Palmiste Park, San Fernando
Photographer: Sati Maharaj

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