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Getting Senseless at Evergreen Brickworks


As the peak season is in full affect here in Toronto, some of the hottest events are release, and you guessed it – Lime.TT was in attendance to take it all in and capture those awesome moments.

Senseless in the 6ix was definitely one of our “Must Attend” events as it provides a whole different experience to party-goers in attendance. Challenging not only your eyes and ears but ALL of your 5 senses.

Senseless provided live music, 3D visuals, food, and a variety of scents to put your senses to the ultimate test. Nestling this event at the rustic yet modern Evergreen Brick Works it created the perfect ambiance listen to the music echo off the infrastructure, taste the delicious food catered, with the scent of the evergreen tree’s around, and lets not forget the interactive 3D visual display that provided party-goers with fun and excited throughout the evening.

Check out the photos from Senseless 2016:

Senseless | Evergreen Brick Works

Thank you to the Senseless Toronto Team and LCPR for hosting us Limers!

Getting Senseless at Evergreen Brickworks

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