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“In This Room” by Reah Lee Sing


The Medulla Art gallery hosted at art exhibition entitled ‘In this room’ which showcased the works of Reah Lee Sing. It took place on Wednesday July 23rd, 2014. Many family, friends and lovers of art attended the show to lend support and appreciate her many works. Exhibition closes on Wednesday 13th August 2014.

In this room is Reah Lee Sing’s first exhibition of her artworks. The exhibition of portraits explores selfhood and the contemporary experience. The artist explains… “I began to search for answers. The intrigue of what lay behind the eyes, what work did those hands do, where had those shoes walked, what led to the choice of garments, when did the hairstyle change, when did the first wrinkle appear…all these questions and more pondered, as I mixed paint, chose palettes, determined light and shadows…”

In addition to capturing an individual likeness from random photographs, Lee Sing’s portraits capture the soul of the subject, whilst the subject in turn questions the viewer. Race, class, gender identity are clearly part of the personality and psychology of the subjects. More than an interest in the human form, In this room demonstrates a deep interest in the human being. The artist is interested in the backstory. Lee Sing says… “I am these people and these people are me, the stories of their lives in their eyes. Some are larger than life. Some are small. And some seem to keep their secrets better than others…when I stand in this room, in their midst, I am surrounded by life. I feel privileged to have known them, if only for the duration of the creation of the work…”

With very little formal training between ‘O’ Level art at St Joseph’s Convent, San Fernando, ‘A’ Level art at Pleasantville Senior Comprehensive, and one year Creative Art as part of a Bachelor of Arts Degree at UWI St Augustine, Lee Sing has left behind her twenty-year advertising career and now paints full time. Her first exhibition is a culmination of two years work and travel.

In this room includes people at home, in the Caribbean, Uruguay, Peru, China, Israel and the United States. The artist lives in Trinidad and Tobago.

Date: July-24-2014
Venue: Medulla Art Gallery
Photography by Anjello Toussaint.

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