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St. Mary’s College (CIC) Class ’03 10 Year Reunion


They left as boys in 2003 and reunited as men in 2013. Boys of the old brigade of gallant CIC. The lads of the Class ’03 of the prestigious St. Mary’s College (CIC) held their 10 year reunion at the Centenary Hall on the College’s compound. Everyone reminisced about the good old days and the many fond memories they had at the school.

The lads also took part in various activities that reminded them of their good old days at the school, such as small goal football, basketball, scant out and even coin football. They sang their College song, chanted their Raz-a-Taz chant and even paid tribute to their fallen brother Amrit Mahabir.

These men are a fine example of their College’s motto ‘Virtus et Scientia’ meaning ‘Manliness and Knowledge’. They have all moved on to successful careers, while being exemplar husbands, fathers and outstanding men in society.

At the end of the event, part proceeds was donated to their College/Past Student’s Union.

It was truly a memorable reunion and as their College song says “Onward march on, Boys of CIC to glory”. sponsored by Play Whe:

Photography by Nicholas Khan

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