Punchy Wednesday 2019 Alternate Reality

February 27, 2019 @ 9:00 PM – February 28, 2019 @ 4:00 AM
Hasely Crawford Stadium

Punchy Wednesday returns in 2019 to Alternate Reality! Reality is merely an illusion, Make your own reality at Carnival’s craziest cooler fete! Punchy Wednesday! Tickets are now available online at Eventbrite.com and Islandetickets.com or from approved committee members only!
Aliyah Ramsingh
Angelo Murphy
Anisha Beharry
Azalea Zoe Hart
Brendan Hamel-Smith
Brendon Clement
Brittany Mahabir
Chanel DaCosta
Charlene R Dookie
Chevonne Attale
Chloé Joseph
Christian Cabral
Christopher Daniel
Christina Perriera
Collin Charles
Daniela Granado
Dexter McShine
Dominique Mcdonald
Elise Olton
Hassan Sirjoo
Hillary Williams
Jana Baptiste
Jeanpaul Camps
Joelle Phillips
Joshua Brown
Kadeem Fortune
Kai Forde
Keith Francois
Kern Ryan Mollineau
Kerra Denel
Kieon Cardinez
Kristian Marc Leong Poi
Kristina Fairchild
Kristopher Maharaj
Marc Mario
Mark Deane
Mark Chan Poon
Maurice Phillips
Megan Darwent
Melysah Charles
Naaz Khan
Nadia Ali
Niall Arland McNish
Nicholas S. Landreth-Smith
Rajesh Maharaj
Russell Wilkinson
Ryan Aming Garcia
Sadzie Shadzz
Samantha Walcott
Sasha Narinesingh
Serena Salazar
Shanice Joanni
Shyla Alonzo
Sommer-Jo Olliviere
Shadik Niomi Day
Sean Philip
Kendal Latchman
Joel Mattison
Ryan Pankar
John Quan



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