About Us

Our name says it all.

But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to learn more, so dig in:

Our Name

“Lime” is synonymous with all things TRINI, if you’re a Trini–or know a Trini–you probably hear the word lime about a dozen times a day (at least!). That’s why nothing better could represent our brand, and we think you’ll agree.

Our Services

Lime.tt offers Services in the following areas:

  • Event Coverage
  • Live Uploads
  • Video Recaps
  • Website Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Photo Branding
  • Annual Carnival Calendar
  • Signature Annual Events
  • Artiste Bookings
  • On-Demand Printing

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Our People

Lime.tt is made up of experts in the fields of Design, Digital Marketing/Promotions, Photography, Video Production and LIMING. With years of North American and European experience, as well as being proud born-and-bred Trinis, we hope to provide all Trinis–whether at home or abroad–a quality service, good vibes, and a true love for what we do & our people. Our collaborative partners also bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and energy to the table which puts us at an advantage over any other providers that may exist.

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