ENDURE Fitness Series


On Sunday 17th December the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago saw the first episode of the ENDURE Fitness Series. Fitness enthusiast from far and wide came to compete for the title of National Aerobics Champion. SW Touring Ltd together with Five Star Fitness Factory set the stage (as well as the bar) for the ultimate aerobathon at the Jean Pierre Complex. Prizes to be won included a weekend stay at the Kapok Hotel, hampers by Powerade TT and vouchers by Road Trip TT (to name a few). After an hour of non stop moving, jumping, squatting, dancing or gettting your feet tied up…three remained. The showdown didn’t last long as the ULTIMATE Aerobics Champion held out longer than the competition and was able to boast “I endured!!!” #iENDUREd

Date: 17th December 2017
Venue: Jean Pierre
Photographer: J.R