Limerz Krew & Fireworks Band Launch 2017


2 Bands, 1 Launch was the name of the party where Limerz Krew Jouvert Band and Fireworks Carnival Band held their launch on Saturday night at the Sky View Lounge in San Fernando.

Patrons enjoyed the cooler fete and band launch as it gave them the opportunity to party and see what both bands had to offer for Carnival 2018 in South Trinidad.

Limerz Krew theme was fierce feline fashions that would definitely be on the prowl Jouvert morning.

Fireworks Promotions then presented their 7 sections to the delight of the crowd. Sections for 2018 would be as follows :
1. Love Spell – Peach, Mint Green & Pink Designed by: Amit Ramtahal & Sherina Sahadeo 2. Frenzy – Red & Yellow Designed by: Nisa Nathu Hari
3. Drunken Lion – Tan, Light Brown & Teal Designed by: Kamal Baksh & Nichail Blacks
4. Peri – Baby Pink, Lilac & White Designed by: Defiance Carnival
5. Nirvana – Royal Blue & Fruchsia Designed by: Shenelle Mahabir & Jolane Bansraj
6. Dark Angel – Navy Blue, Royal Blue & Black Designed by: Wayne Hanooman
7. Serendipity – Royal Purple & Orange Designed by: Rambanshuss Carnival 2018 Theme by: Nisa Nathu Hari Band Leader: Raju Nathu Hari For more information both bands can be found on fb. See you on the road, Carnival 2018!

Date: 30th September 2017
Venue: Sky View Lounge San Fernando.
Photographer: Sati Maharaj