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Nikisha Winter-Roach, Missing Person—FOUND!


FOUND: Nikisha Winter-Roach was found alive but in a disoriented state this morning (01/08/2017) according to police. She was found in the vicinity of her home and was recognized by a neighbor. The Anti-Kidnapping Unit was notified shortly after 7am.

A 36* year old Chaguanas woman has gone missing and police are asking for the public’s help with information on locating her.

Nikisha Winter-Roach, was last seen at her home at Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas, at around 5:30am* on Wednesday July 26th.

She was reported missing to the Chaguanas Police Station, around 4:30pm, on that same day, by her husband, Rosse Galteau.

Winter-Roach was described as being of African descent, five feet seven inches tall*, slim build, with a brown complexion and long blonde & brown hair.

She is an employee at the Glencoe branch of Republic Bank Ltd.

She was last seen wearing a yellow top and a pair of long jeans. She also wears spectacles.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call 800-TIPS or contact the police at 555, 999, 911 or any police station.

Further information:

Daily Express

Nikisha Winter-Roach, Missing Person


Nikisha Winter-Roach, Missing Person

*Editor’s Note: Nikisha’s age, height, and the time she was last seen vary slightly in reported accounts, but this is the best information we have.