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Verses – Chromatics ft. Bunji Garlin



Chromatics (VERSE)

Yuh see the nonsense that they carrying on with/
have man running round here feel like them is God gift/
but the beat of the drum rise them like a fork lift/
hit yuh like a cuff in d face this ain’t no soft kiss/
cause i got 10 racks in my pocket/
and some bottles now we gone pop it/
when i jump on the beat, bang it out in the street
put the key in the pavement and lock it/
rags them taking off like a rocket, whether bougie down town or ratchet/
look all how they trying hard to match it, even with gloves and all they kyah catch it/
while they studying the failing oil price and political vice the youth and them dying/
and the musician, and the pan man them, and the calypsonian crying/
talk it today forget it tomorrow but i will always remind them/
that the people make the culture, and culture define them/
big money passing and tending to blind them/
never make a move and try to improve till yuh raise a big stick behind them/
if yuh can’t catch the groove and the lyrics to rude, jump out and just join the line then/
cause we go make yuh move with the message that we send yuh/
rubber hit the tenor you will always remember/
the truth in the message and chastise the sender…..

Bunji Garlin (VERSE)

Bunji Garlin and Chromatics we link up as the illest team/
many times we try shed some light and end up the illest fiend/
use a trombone like a donkeys jaw bone, beat them like the philistine/
many try hard and die hard but we don’t know if that’s what Bruce Willis means/
after they work hard man can’t buy big yard with piece a land that green/
promoter get rich and cry like bitch i stuck in a housing scheme/
Calypso Soca they want to push over just like Carnival and Cropover/
we do this over and over and then pull up the quota/
with nothing in the bank that Grrrrrrrrr……..Aye!!!!

Recorded at Chromatics Music Studio & Sound Lock Studios (Trinidad)
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Jus Now

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