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TPFA Luncheon 2014 Nu Image Simplex 25


TPFA Annual Farmers Luncheon was held at the Nu Image Simplex Princes Town on Wednesday 10th December.
Some of the things mentioned in the address to the audience is the fact that 4500 acres of farm land was reserved for farmers in a bid to wage war on the fast food industry, diabetes, strokes and heart attacks, reduce the food import bill, reduce obesity by consuming natural uncooked foods, also the introduction of new hybrid fruits, one of those fruits was also on display, called “Wax apple” it closely resembles the wax stump of an almost burnt out candle.
Lots of food was cooked on the premises, more food than people, it is also a wonderful location with a view, good for keeping events as weddings, parties, get together etc.

Date: Dec 10th. 2014
Photography by Clifford Harroo

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